Welcome to Wendy's Pilates

My whole life and career has been about the human body, how body movement can lead to optimal exercise performance through correct alignment and focus, what it can and cannot achieve. Nursing, playing sport and then teaching different sports from rehabilitation aqua-aerobics, squash, swimming, Nordic walking and now in mid-life Pilates have all enhanced my knowledge and skills to be able to provide a great, positive and fun exercise platform.

Pilates in Guildford

My adventure into Pilates began a few years back during a 3 month stay in the USA. The Pilates instructor I found was brilliant! After every class I looked forward to the next one. I   listened to how she explained an exercise, demonstrated, offered modification to the more advanced ones, or enhanced the easier ones, there was always an option; how she used small equipment to add a new dimension to a class, and I listened to how she inspired people to progress and feel the full benefit of what Pilates could do.  I wanted to do this and do it better than she did.

Pilates exercises are a valuable antidote in getting rid of our daily stresses, you focus totally on yourself and learn to listen to what your body is telling you.  You will soon recognise changes to your strength and flexibility as well as an increase in self-confidence. The workouts are fun, informative and energising and will leave you feeling so much more relaxed.

Wendy is genuinely the best Pilates instructor I have ever come across. Her style and manor are very professional, knowledgeable and caring. When I had an injury she adapted routines for me using her expertise and checked in with me between sessions. Her classes are always varied, interesting and hard work (in the best possible way!). Working with Wendy makes you feel as though you are really challenging and toning your body and I feel my fitness and health has benefitted as a result! 

Katherine, October 2020