Pilates Classes


(and Online with Zoom)

Tuesday – 6pm
General mixed ability class at Intermediate level
Price per class: £12.00pp

Wednesday – 2pm
General class for those with little experience
Price per class: £12.00pp

Wednesday – 6pm
General intermediate level
Price per class: £12.00pp

Friday – 5pm
1:1 session
Keen to start Pilates but don’t yet have the confidence to join a group class and would like to learn the basics on a 1:1 basis first?
Price per class: £20.00pp

Pilates for All

Classes are well planned with a lot of variety and offer something for everyone.

They may include small equipment – you will always have an alternative to professional equipment at home e.g. instead of hand weights – tins of fruit: instead of a band, a scarf.

Summer classes may also be offered outside at the weekend – Covid-19 and the weather permitting.

“I was first introduced to Wendys’ Pilates Classes during the height of summer COVID 19 and found our weekly garden sessions to be both joyful and uplifting. As events unfolded and we found ourselves heading for Zoom meetings I was a little dubious to say the least…but I have to say, Wendy has the eye of an eagle and whether our class is virtual or actual she misses no detail! She is truly a wonderful and exhilarating instructor. Thank you Wendy! “

Gill B, Ripley, Surrey